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Zinzanamber's Author Feature: Keller Yeats

Author Interview

What music do you listen to when writing, or musing about writing and why?

Music sets the mood for the story. It’s all about the essence and character of the book that will follow. The music weaves threads in my mind that form a web to entangle my characters, so I choose it carefully. Or, maybe it chooses me…randomly?

Select a track for each book you have written, one that you would most associate with it. Why did you choose that piece?

“Powderfinger.” Was written to an endless diet of Classical Music, which changed with the chapters in the story…. However, Vaughan Williams', "Theme on Thomas Tallis" is most representative and reminds me of those misty stretches on the canal where I grew up....a starting point for this story.

Whereas, “Wyndwrayth,” was built on a solid mix of really long mood pieces, which ranged from Hallucinogenic Chill Trance, to Tibetan Zen Meditation. This track is representative of the mood; Harmonic Frequency, Fractal Forest. It has a cool video too!

What is your favourite place and why?

There is no one place. New mood, new place. I enjoy the madness of this mans world and I revel in the atmosphere created by silence. I don’t feel the need to be around people too often, they simply get in the way.

What inspires you to write?

It’s a matter of circumstance and moments. I don’t plan these interludes of reason and insanity, they take on a life of their own and I follow.

Choose three photos and explain why you’ve chosen them.

Misty Lake:

This reflects the mist in my mind when I'm thinking of a new story, it emerges like the trees and reflects the dark and mysterious.

Abandoned Mansion:

A Stairway to Heaven? Or to Hell?


A storm riding in from The East.

Or, a Stone Troll's Donut 😅


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